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Closed event for industry leaders

Yacht by Switchfin & Partnerkin

What awaits you at the party?

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Relaxing atmosphere

Dubai, a yacht, the sea, free alcohol and food - everything you need for a great holiday and productive communication with industry leaders.

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Maximum convenience

The party is closed - no one will disturb us. If you suddenly have business, a boat will supervise you from the yacht to the pier.

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Useful acquaintances

There will be 120 company owners and top managers at the event. You will be able to make useful contacts, exchange experiences and find partners!

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Hot party

Electronic music from top DJs, dancing under the stars, free alcohol and food will make this day unforgettable!

Party format

The yacht will have several areas for socializing and hanging out.
20:30 to 02:00
There will be a boat going from the pier to the yacht, you can come/leave at any time
1st floor
A quiet and comfortable place for communication, a relaxation area
2nd floor
Networking with light music to warm up, then a party with a DJ and electronic music
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How the last party in Bali went


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The number of places is limited - 120 people

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